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Subject: New OASIS PKI Survey: Call for input & help

Dear All

As you probably know, the OASIS PKI Lower Costs subcommittee is developing 
a new international PKI survey, the third in a series now started by the 
PKI Forum.  I am working with the Lower Costs SC to prepare the survey 
questionnaire, assemble a target list of respondents, and to conduct the 
first round of face-to-face interviews at the Asia PKI Forum next month. 

We need your help -- and the help of your contacts in the PKI industry -- 
to assemble the target list.  

I would like all PKI TC members to give some thought please to 
organisations and individuals who would likely fill out an on-line 
questionnaire, and which would additionally volunteer for face-to-face or 
telephone interviews.  

You can send names & contact details directly to me.  

We will also be trying to promote the survey through industry 
associations, standards bodies and conferences.  If anyone on the PKI TC 
mail list has a formal rile on these types of organisations, from which 
they might be able to efficiently promote the survey and gather more 
target names & contact details, that would be even better. 

Drafts of the questionnaire will be made available to the PKI TC over the 
next week or two, for review and comment.  An overarching description 
(Executive Summary) of the exercise will also be made available to 
help 'market' our efforts.  

Looking forward to your help and suggestions.  Time is tight, so if you 
are able to provide at least a first set of targets or other suggestions 
by  the end of this week, that would be ideal. 

Thanks in advance, 

Stephen Wilson
Lockstep Consulting Pty Ltd
ABN 59 593 754 482

11 Minnesota Ave
Five Dock NSW 2046

P +61 (0)414 488 851


About Lockstep 
Lockstep was established in early 2004 by noted authentication expert 
Stephen Wilson, to provide independent advice and analysis on cyber 
security policy, strategy, risk management, and identity management.  
Lockstep is also developing unique new smartcard solutions to address 
privacy and identity theft. 

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