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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] PKI-TC@PKI Workshop

Indeed, the "Transaction-PKI" project is behind schedule.  Some of it
is my fault as I have been busy trying to do those mundane things that
keep body and soul together - earning money from paying customers to
pay bills :-).

However, some of it als due to the fact that the PKI Steering Commitee
needed clarification of the mission of this project, as well as
affirmations from at least 2 end-user customers on the goals of this
effort.  Those affirmations were sent to the Steering Commitee this
morning (customers also have jobs to do besides volunteering for these
efforts, Anders; I can only express my appreciation for their having
taken the time to review the requirements and comment on it).

Hopefully, with the information available to the SC, funding will be
approved to hire a contractor who will dedicate his/her time towards
performing the detailed research necessary to move this TPKI project

Anders, perhaps you and I should talk offline about how you might be
able to help us move this forward faster, if you have additional
cycles available to you.  Perhaps, some of the work that was charted
out for this contractor could be absorbed by you to speed it up even

Arshad Noor
StrongAuth, Inc.

Anders Rundgren wrote:
> It also appears that the "Transaction PKI" project is behind schedule as only very little information has been published in spite of
> being talked about for a year or so.  Don't get me wrong, I just want the charter and reality to match, and I have no problems with
> a charter revision.  That is, PKI surveys and promotion may indeed be this TC's main purpose.

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