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Subject: Transaction-PKI - Indefinitely put on hold

"3) The signing capability must be native in the browser; i.e.
   there must be no downloaded applets or locally installed
"6) The capability must work with all major browsers - Firefox,
   MSIE, Opera and Safari;"
If requirement #3 is combined with requirement #6, which we must assume is appropriate to do, we run into an interesting situation since MSIE (Microsoft's Internet Explorer) in its current 6.x version, without installing any "forbidden" extension code, AFAIK, is actually not able to sign anything.
Fortunately some PKI-TC members have reportedly spotted a person who will show us "wannabe" browser gurus, that with a some JavaScript trickery from IBM, MSIE can indeed do things that not even Microsoft knew it could.

Having requested more information on this since months back, I have a feeling that this person is not for real, and that we are actually just waiting, and most likely for nothing.

Anders Rundgren

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