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Subject: Nominations Requested to Fill Position of PKI TC Chair- Nomination period closes 7PM EST March 30 2006



As you know, Steve Hanna has stepped down as Chair of the PKI TC, and we will need to hold an election to fill the position.  According to OASIS guidelines, I am now calling for interested OASIS members to submit their names as candidates for the PKI TC Chair position.  


Interested members are asked to send their names directly to me by 7PM EST, Thursday March 30.   Following closure of the nomination period, we will open a ballot for the election by voting members of the PKI TC.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  I am inserting the PKI TC Charter below.






Public Key Infrastructure Technical Committee (PKI TC)

Many organizations worldwide are developing strategies to a) utilize digital certificates to provide higher levels of security, b) make applications certificate aware. and c) promote the deployment of digital certificates for many business purposes including digital signatures. The purpose of the PKI TC is to address issues related to the successful deployment of digital certificates to meet business and security requirements, as well as technical and integration/interoperability issues. Furthermore, the PKI TC will increase the awareness of digital certificates as an important component when managing access to network resources, delivering secured electronic messages and conducting secure electronic transactions. The PKI TC will also provide a forum for a broad community utilizing PKI and digital certificates in application-focused standards and projects, as well as a mechanism for the creation of documents related to the implementation of PKI internationally.

The goals of the TC are:

To provide an international forum for software vendors, industry, government, and implementers to internationally discuss issues, share solutions, and develop white papers with respect to addressing:

  • business and security needs
  • technical interoperability
  • enabling business applications
  • increasing awareness of available solutions, applications, and successful deployment
  • coordination with other TCs in areas of overlap or mutual interest

List of Deliverables

A very wide range of topics will be addressed by the TC, and it is expected that several sub-committees will be formed. TC deliverables will include:

  • business implementation guideline white papers
  • technical implementation guideline white papers
  • best practice and sample implementations
  • applications white papers forums for networking, information sharing and implementation of PKI-related projects
  • solutions showcase.

The TC recognizes the importance of advancing the understanding and applicability of XML-based PKI standards as well as other broader Web services and security standardization effort within OASIS of which PKI is a component of. Such standards including: XKMS, WS-Security, the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), the XML Access Control Markup Language (XACML), the Rights Language, the Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) and XML Common Biometric Format (XCBF), and Digital Signature Services (DSS) protocol. Specific work-plan and deliverables will be developed based on TC and OASIS member input.




John T. Sabo, CISSP
Director, Security and Privacy Initiatives
Tel: +1 703-708-3037
Mobile: +1 443-629-6198
Fax: +1 703-709-4820
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