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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Candidates for OASIS PKI TC Chair

Thank you, John.

Members of the TC: following is a brief synopsis of my background
and why I believe I am qualified to be the PKI TC Chair.  Please
judge for yourselves if you agree with me.  Thank you.

Arshad Noor
StrongAuth, Inc.

I have been working in the field of information technology for the
past 20 years in the US (after switching from a 5-year career in
sales in the hotel industry in India).

Having graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration
(dual major of Finance/MIS) from Pace University in NYC in 1986,
I have worked for companies such as the Port Authority of NY/NJ,
New York Life Insurance, BASF Corporation, Citibank and Sun
Microsystems over 15 years, and left Sun to start StrongAuth, Inc.
5 years ago.

Over the last 20 years I have worked as an Application Developer,
Systems Administrator, Database Administrator, Technology Manager,
IT Architect and Program Manager at these different companies.

While I was introduced to the field of public-key cryptography in
the early '90s through PGP freeware, I formally came to the PKI
world in 1999, when I took on the responsibility of building Sun's
worldwide PKI in their IT department for their internal use. After
successfully deploying Sun's PKI in 2000, I knew that I had finally
found my niche.

PKI was not just a security technology to me, but a culmination of
everything that I'd learned about computing over the last 20 years.
It was the perfect synthesis of my knowledge about applications,
databases, networks, operations and business processes.  This
explains why I continue to focus on PKI-related activities even
when I have the choice of working in any other field of IT.  I
believe the promise of PKI is yet to be realized and that PKI will,
one day, become as ubiquitous and indispensable as DNS is today.

Businesses continue to search for the elusive silver bullet to
solve their security problems - but it is my belief that until
they start using PKI in many different aspects of their IT infra-
structure (along with appropriate changes to applications,
business processes and employee training), that silver bullet
will continue to elude their grasp.  I hope to make it the goal
of this TC to help the IT community recognize the potential of
PKI, and to work in solving the problems that keep PKI mired
with the "been-there-done-that" technologies.

While I am physically larger than Steve Hanna, I recognize that
it will take more than a dozen of of me to fill Steve's shoes in
the role of PKI TC Chair.  However, I do wish to put my hat in the
ring to carry on the fine work he had been doing and hope that I
can do justice, if chosen.  Thank you.

Sabo, John T wrote:
> All:

> Three OASIS members have offered their names as candidates for the 
> position of Chair, OASIS PKI TC Chair.  They are

> Arshad Noor
> Thomas Schenkman
> Jiafu Yu
> Thanks to all three for their interest in the PKI TC and their 
> willingness to stand for election.  
> I’ve asked the candidates to send their bios and any other information 
> they wish to the TC list.  The OASIS administrative staff will 
> initiative a ballot for PKI TC voting members and let us know about 
> voting procedures.  Under OASIS rules, 51% of the votes are needed to 
> win the election.  If no candidate has this percentage, the lowest 
> scoring candidate will be dropped and a new ballot opened for the 
> remaining two candidates.
> Again, thanks to Arshad, Thomas and Jiafu for their willingness to take 
> on this leadership position.
> John
> *__________________________________*
> *John T. Sabo, CISSP*
> Director, Security and Privacy Initiatives
> CA
> Tel: +1 703-708-3037
> Mobile: +1 443-629-6198
> Fax: +1 703-709-4820
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