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Subject: Identity Firewalls vs. US C2G

The thing you say about DNA is great.  This is our only real identity so
I believe this is at least the long-term solution for reducing identity-theft
in a society with "short memory".


It is interesting that you as a US resident bring up Government-to-Consumer
(shouldn't it rather be Citizen-to-Government), operations as one of the primary

The US government has AFAIK, no public plans for C2G authentication [*],
while C2G using PKI, is close to "established" in other parts of the world.
In Sweden, 1 million+ people carry out on-line transactions on the web using
PKI on a regular basis.  

The US government have concluded that S/MIME is the "killer application". 
It is the currently only PKI client application NIST supports, and have
recommendations on.

In the EU, where citizen PKI is a reality rather than a "religion", S/MIME is
hardly used by any government for C2G.

Anders Rundgren

*] You may have heard about e-Authentication but that is hardly more than
a word, since nothing has been decided on regarding the Citizen-end of this.

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