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Subject: PKI Hurdles. Re: [pki-tc] Meeting tomorrow

>Yet, many countries around the world, the US Federal Government,
>the cable/satellite industry, the DRM world all use PKI in one form or another.

>What is the real reason that the general business
 >applications/IT developers shun PKI?

I think the industry handles PKI quite appropriately.

The US government have indeed advanced plans to purchase 30 million+
PIV cards for billions of USDs, but have so far spent close to nothing
on PKI application research, or showing how they anticipate that PKI is
to be used in general business applications including e-government dittos.

Without any tangible information, application building outside of login
becomes a pure guesswork.  Makers of business applications cannot
really do this guessing on their own.

I am afraid that we have to wait another decade for these PKI
application guidelines to surface.

In the mean-time PKI consultants over the world, enjoy a great time
spending tax-payer money, solving the same problem over and over
and each time with a new twist, turning this PKI application integration
circus into a virtual Perpetum Mobile.

Anders Rundgren

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