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Subject: Re: OASIS EKMI Qs..

Thank you for your e-mail, Jackson.

The reason XKMS is not mentioned in the EKMI-TC currently, is because the tasks we've carved out for ourselves for this year (and perhaps the next) is focused on standardizing protocols, implementation, operations and audit guidelines around symmetric encryption keys.  This, in our opinion, is in more urgent need by companies than standards around asymmetric keys, which are largely addressed by PKIX.

However, once we've addressed symmetric encryption key management to cover at least 80% of the problem, as a next phase, we will circle back to review how we may integrate XKMS to manage symmetric and asymmetric keys using a standard - perhaps a superset - protocol.  

The PKIA-TC has been dormant for a little while - my fault entirely, since I was focused on SKMS for the last year; but now a new Chair has been elected - Stephen Wilson - and he will probably convene the first TC meeting next month under his Chairman-ship and will guide the TC towards its new goals: education, promotion and helping remove barriers to adoption of PKI.

I hope that answers your questions; if not, please continue to send them our way.  


Arshad Noor
StrongAuth, Inc.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Wynn, Jackson E." <jwynn@mitre.org>
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 8:08 am
Subject: OASIS EKMI Qs..

> Hello Arshad,
> I am doing research on PKI support for web services. My research has
> included review of countless standards e.g., WS-SecurityPolicy,
> XML-Signature/Encryption, XKMS, etc., and the availability of
> commercial product that implement these standards. 
> Recently (today actually) I came across the OASIS EKMI TC web 
> site.  I
> noticed that the EKMI charter does not specifically mention XKMS while
> the PKIA TC charter does. 
> Would you provide me with your perspective on where XMKS fits into the
> EKMI landscape?  Also, can you comment on the current status of the
> PKIA TC - there doesn't look to be much activity there...
> TIA,
> Jackson Wynn
> Lead Infosec Engineer
> G026 - Crypto and IA Research
> The MITRE Corporation
> Bedford, MA

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