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Subject: Groups - "Security Printer" Model for CA Operations (Lockstep WP03 CA as Security Printer (1.1).pdf) uploaded

This work is submitted for discussion as input to a new legal issues white

Comments welcome!! 

 -- Mr. Stephen Wilson

The document named "Security Printer" Model for CA Operations (Lockstep
WP03 CA as Security Printer (1.1).pdf) has been submitted by Mr. Stephen
Wilson to the OASIS Public Key Infrastructure Adoption (PKIA) TC document

Document Description:

This white paper describes a new way of conceptualising backend CAs,
likening  them to the security printers than routinely manufacture cheques,
prescription pads, concert tickets etc.  The physical security, operational
security and accreditation requirements are all very similar.  This type of
CA would automatically generate certificates on request from authorised

The model may dramatically reduce CAs' legal liability, because they would
be distanced from errors & omissions committed by RAs and by end users. 
Backend CAs would naturally remain responsible for the quality of their
cryptographic processes, operations, personnel and so on. 

Just as it is inconceivable that a well run cheque printer would be liable
for the consequences of a bank customer writing a bad cheque, CAs in this
model would be insulated from many types of potential misadventure in PKI

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-OASIS Open Administration

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