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Subject: TC representative to contribute content to http://idtrust.xml.org/



The IDtrust Steering Committee has requested that each IDtrust TC select an individual to routinely post the activities of your TC to the new and open IDtrust XML.org Focus Area, http://idtrust.xml.org/. It is very easy to navigate and register: we hope is to create ‘one’ gathering place for all data related to IDtrust. This website is open to OASIS members and non-members, so please feel free to spread the word. It will be live in the next few weeks.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the editorial board, please feel free to contact carol.geyer@oasis-open.org, at your convenience.


For even more visibility, please consider becoming a sponsor of IDtrust XML.org. This is a great way to be recognized as a leader in the identity and trusted infrastructure standards community. Site sponsors receive their linked logos on *every page* in the Focus Area. Their company descriptions are posted at http://idtrust.xml.org/sponsors, and they will be featured and quoted in the OASIS press release announcing the site. Any OASIS Sponsor-level member is eligible to sponsor IDtrust XML.org. The cost is 5,500 USD for a full year.


Best regards,



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