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Subject: Comments on Avn Maintenance DEX

The following comments require the attention of the authors:-


Gordon Robb - LSC Group Ltd - Comments on 


DEX (D011):- aviation_maintenance

Date: 2008/03/10 10:36:16 
Revision: 1.145 









Related DEXs

Reference to Product Operational Information- This is not correct. It is
the Product Configuration Information that should be available. See Def
Stan 05-10 for PCI definitions OR 649A/649HB OR the APSI definitions of

Change to Product Configuration Information where POI is used throughout
the DEX


Business Overview


Last para states "product information between the two organisations
ensuring that the aircraft product data is accurate." The use of Product
data is INCORRECT.


Change to Product Configuration Information


Business process

Reportable Activities

Use of Stock Code is incorrect

Use National Codification Bureau designation of Stock Number throughout



Business Information

Message wrapper 


Use of data is incorrect

Change to information



Business Information Requirements




Routine Technical Instructions - is this RAF jargon [or RAF CE
Instruction etc]. The use of Special Technical Instruction & Servicing
Instructions are not 'routine'

Change para to read Technical Instructions.

See Def Stan 05-123 Pt 4 for guidance


Business Information Requirements


- Last sentence - EIs are the main authority for making changes,
although changes to part numbers may also be effected by a design
amendment Design Amendment DO NOT change Pt. No's. This could be a case
of using a 'bad expression' "amendment". An amendment in the Design
world is a minor change to the design that does not change the Pt.No. A
Modification leaflet WILL change the Pt.No.

Change design amendment to 'modification leaflets'


Business Information Requirements



Note - The supplier code is the code identifying the
manufacturer/supplier. Often CAGE code. ..

CAGE is incorrect.

NCAGE is the correct term: See NCB web site 


Change to NCAGE throughout the DEX




Controlled_exchange - 


This activity reports when there is any removal of a serviceable
reportable item from one aircraft for installation on another aircraft
This activity is usual referred to as Ac Robbing Certificate [RAF Form

Insert reference to the 'Robbing certificate'


Representing a reportable item

Business information


PLCS representation


'The Stock Code, e.g. NSN is a definition of the fit, form and function,
or interchangeability of a part. This is an incorrect statement

FFF disappeared [correctly] in the 1980s and was replaced with

See DS 05-970//123

Amend sentence to read "The Stock Number, e.g. NSN is a definition of
the interchangeability of a part.


Representing change of Part Number, Serial Number, and NSN

Business information


Used of Form, Fit Function is incorrect

Change to interchangeability


Representing change of Part Number, Serial Number, and NSN

Business information


The  Unique Identification (IUID) from the Department of Defense (DoD)
is another identification of the Product_as_individual
ndividual>  and is represented by an Identification_assignment
tification_assignment>  represented by template #7 and #15
ng_identification/sys/cover.htm>  and classified as "UID"

This statement requires amending. The DoD refers to it as Item Unique
Identification [IUID]. This DEX incorrectly uses the correct
abbreviation and the wrong description in a number of areas.


Representing deferred activities


Business information


The statement "There will be occasions due to operational constraints
when these tasks need to be delayed or brought forward due to damage or
stress.' seems inappropriate. If it stress related or damaged there is
usual one course of action in that the activity is brought forward

Change to read "There will be occasions due to operational constraints
when these tasks need to be brought forward due to damage or stress."







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