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Subject: FW: Public Review of Task_set DEX

Some comments from John Dunford on Task set DEX


1.  DEX Name: I find the new short name "task_set" deeply confusing and I request that this short name be abandoned and that the DEX always uses its full name of "Task Specification".  Task Set implies that many tasks are addressed, which is clearly not the case.


2.  The current scope, and business information model make no reference to the context in which the Task Specification was defined, and for which the task specification is applicable.  This could either be a text string, or identification of the various aspects of the Deployment Environment(s) to which the task applies (e.g. What product groups, what operating environment, what usage pattern, what support locations, organizations or support environments.)   The ability to identify or describe such a context needs to be added to the DEX.


3.  I also offer some changes to wording of the Scope definition (see attachment), which I hope improve its style, removes duplication  and improves alignment between the Scope and the Business Information Overview section


4.  The Business Overview (but not the business information overview) mention the concept of a Task resource model.  The idea here was to provide a sufficient description of the likely resource usage when the task was performed to enable spares optimization modelling.  This is not the same thing as a simple list of required resources.  Although I may possibly have invented this phrase, I have never seen a full definition of what it means!  I suggest therefore that you either delete reference to "a Task resource model" or spell out in more detail what it is, and how it can be represented. 


Proposed revisons to scope-PLCS OASIS Task Spec DEX.doc

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