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Subject: SV: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model

Title: OASIS PLCS TC concept model
I like the slideshow. Excellent! Much easier to follow.
Some remarks:
- In my opinion, 'term' and 'name' are synonymns. A term has no definition. A term "labels" a concept. A 'concept' has one or more terms/names and a definition (possibly in different languages).
- Is 'EX ...' short for EXchange or should it be 'DEX ...'?
- There are two 'ISO 10303 Application Module' boxes.
- I like the idea of not using the 'Business Concept' term. I'm not sure I quite understand what you've suggested instead. Could you explain it in words?!

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Mats Nilsson, FMV


Från: Rutland, Phil [mailto:ils-dm@a.dii.mod.uk]
Skickat: den 5 oktober 2005 17:22
Till: 'plcs-tog@lists.oasis-open.org'
Ämne: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model


I've been looking at this and come up with the attached version.
I've removed "Business Concept" and tried to identify how OASIS DEX's are created along with the link between various reference data levels.
It can be viewed as a whole or in slideshow mode when it will build (my idea of trying to explain it!).
Phil Rutland
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From: mats.nilsson@fmv.se [mailto:mats.nilsson@fmv.se]
Sent: 03 October 2005 17:33
To: plcs-tog@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [plcs-tog] OASIS PLCS TC concept model

Hi all,

I was given the task in Amsterdam to produce a first draft of a 'OASIS PLCS TC concept model' in order to help to clarify the meaning of the terms we comunicate between us. Please feel free to modify the document during the discussion. I do not guarantee that the model is correct even at this basic stage. More terms should be inserted and more connections added.

<<OASIS PLCS TC Concept Model.ppt>>
Two thing are worth mentioning:

1- A suggestion from the TOG meeting in Amsterdam is that the term "DEX" should no longer be used alone. Instead "DEX Specification" should be used when refering to the specifications in DEXlib. Packages of data exchanged between parties are from now on "DEX Files". "DEX ..." is to be read as "Data Exchange ...". Anyone breaking the rule is punished with ten pushups!

2- The term "Business Concept" is not clear. Therefore I've introduced the term "Business Concept Specification" for the definition stored in DEXlib. The model hopefully makes this understandable… More explanation regarding this new term (but old concept) is needed.

My suggestion is that this concept model (when "completed") will be considered as a guiding document after it has been balloted.

Does anyone have access to a proper software modelling tool instead of powerpoint?

Let the fight begin… ;o)

Vänliga hälsningar,
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Mats Nilsson
FMV KE LogMetod, rum C358

PLCS - Product LifeCycle Support [ISO/IEC 10303-239:2005] är en standard innehållande ett språk för kommunikation av (underhållsrelaterad) produktinformation mellan IT-system. Mer information finns på iNSiDAN http://insidan.fmv.se/GetPage.asp?sPageId=036003002002001

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