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Subject: RE: [plcs-tog] AP239 edition 2

My edits as follows, noting that part 439 and the implementation modules have successfully completed their systematic review, so that this work is entirely independent of that review.
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From: Rob Bodington [mailto:rob.bodington@eurostep.com]
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Subject: [plcs-tog] AP239 edition 2

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Here is the email that I was proposing to send to the TC – any comments before I do?

Hopefully not opening Pandora’s box


ISO 10303-239 was published as an international standard in 2005. Since then it has been successfully deployed and is in production use on a daily basis.  It's main components have just successfully completed a 3 year systematic review by ISO , although a number of issues have been raised from its operational deployment and use.   In addition, new ISO 10303 standards have been developed which further refine the modules originally used in AP239.


The intention is therefore to produce a new edition of ISO 10303-239. The aim is not to increase the scope of the standard but  to  focus on:

- addressing the issues that have been encountered when using  the  standard

- ensuring that ISO 10303-239 is compatible with the ISO 10303 standards developed subsequent to 2005 , in particular ISO 10303-23 and ISO 10303-203 edition 2. 

 - including any relevant new capabilities within the original scope 


The goal is to develop a new edition and submit for  a combined  ballot as a  New Work Item and  Committee Draft by 31st March 2009.


If anyone has any resources that they would like to contribute to this activity, they are more than welcome and please contact me.


Rob Bodington
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