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Subject: <eng>Agenda of the first TC meeting

This is agenda of the first meeting of PPS TC
that will be held on Thursday 18th December 2003 
at the MSTC (http://www.mstc.or.jp/map/map.html).
I look forward to seeing you soon.


1. Welcome by convener - 10:00am 
2. Roll call and Introduction of Attendees 
3. Election of the chair
4. Welcome from OASIS stuff and a short review of
   OASIS TC process and IPR policy
5. Review of the TC charter
6. Vote on any standing rule for the TC.
7. Assignment of responsibilities.
8. Review of the standard specifications
   1) PSLX 
   2) SP95 
   3) B2MML 
   4) CAMX 
9. Basic policy of PPS the TC specification
10. Action schedule and deliverables
12. Adjournment - by 4:00pm

Yasuyuki NISHIOKA, Prof.Dr-Eng. Hosei Univ.
e-mail: nishioka@k.hosei.ac.jp

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