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Subject: Status report of OASIS PPS-TC

Dear Karl,

Although the original schedule of PPS TC was until
September to finalize the specification, we unfortunately
knew that it will be more time to do it in order to make
it more useful and valuable. The schedule will be delay
approximately one year. Let me report about current status.

Now, we are discussing the overall structure of the specification
which consists of three parts: core specification of elements,
application message specification, and binding to other
messaging protocols. We are developing the first part and a first
draft is made for discussion among the committees. 

An announcement of the first working draft is sent to other
parties such as B2MML and PSLX, so that we can get additional
requirements from outside of OASIS.

Problems concerned so far are discussion language, however,
we try to describe in bilingual mails as well as the working
draft. As you know, many Japanese engineer don't like to discuss
hard in a public place. Then I would like to open it as much as 
possible considering transparencies.

Yasuyuki NISHIOKA, Dr.Eng.
MIT, 41-211
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA 02139
Phone 617-452-2982, Fax 617-253-2249
nishioka@mit.edu <nishioka@k.hosei.ac.jp>

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