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Subject: PPS Implementation examples on June 25, 2009

Dear all,

The face-to-face meeting on Thursday, June 25th, was held at Tokyo
Big Sight Exhibition Center, and we did know the following IT vendors
and APSOM developed application systems on PPS specifications.

Exa Corporation,
Yokogawa Electric Corporation,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,
Asprova Corporation,
Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.,
Cimtops Corporation,
Logix Japan Limited,
Fujitsu Advanced Engineering limited,
Hitachi East Japan Solutions,Ltd.
Toyo Engineering Corporation, and
Knack Technical System, Inc.

Yasuyuki NISHIOKA, Ph.D.
Professor of HOSEI University
2-17-1 Fujimi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan, 102-8160
Phone: +81-3-5228-1425, Fax: +81-3-5228-1412

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