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privacymgmt-discuss message

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Subject: welcome to the OASIS "Operational Aspects of Privacy Management" e-mail reflector

Hi –


My name is Michael Willett and I, along with John Sabo from CA, will

be your Discussion List moderators.


As the introductory e-mail from Mary indicated, this List is focused

on the creation of a Privacy Management Reference Model (PMRM) Technical Committee.

The (initial) Reference Model will be based on the PMRM V2.0, donated

by the ISTPA (www.istpa.org) freely to OASIS.


As background for our discussions (and as your first homework assignment!),

I suggest you review the following materials:


-          The PMRM V2.0, published on the ISTPA web site above


-          (optional) The document “Analysis of Privacy Principles: Making Privacy Operational”,

also on the ISTPA web site


-          Recent webinar offered by OASIS and the ISTPA entitled: “Making Privacy Operational”:


 The recorded version is now available at:    



Slide set from webinar:  http://xml.coverpages.org/PMRM-Overview-OASIS-Webinar-20100223.pdf


Feel free to distribute these links to others who are interested in the operational aspects of privacy management.


Progress report: To date, we have confirmed a number of OASIS corporate and individual members as

initial “proposers” for the PMRM TC, most notably: NIST, ABA, CA, XDI.org, WidePoint, Pensive, ISTPA.


We have drafted a Charter for the TC, which I will distribute in the near future for your input.


The succinct objective of the (proposed) PMRM TC is to convert non-operational privacy

practices/principles/legislation/requirements into operational privacy management Services

that could then serve as a ‘reference model’ for a privacy management system design and implementation.


Feel free to post your questions and thoughts on this subject to this e-mail reflector.


Michael Willett

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