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Subject: Re: Items from todays call

In terms of a timeline for the Glossary of Terms, I will shoot for having an initial cut of these out by next Wednesday.
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Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 11:19 AM
Subject: Items from todays call

         From this point forward all list communication should be via provision-comment@lists.oasis-open.org 

         It should be noted that this forum and any communications there of are not representative of the newly formed Provisioning Services TC.  The intention of this group is to best enable the formation of that group and to generate supporting material prior to the initial conference call November 12th

         I will be acting as “caretaker” Chair between now and November 12th

         Anyone who has a definition of “Provisioning Services” should forward it to this group before the end of next week. This will flow into press releases and the proposed “Document of understanding”

         Darran Rolls will submit a draft of the proposed “Document of understanding” to the group before the end of next week

         I will consult with Adrian Viego on the proposed “outline timeline and project plan”

         John Aisien and Kelly Emo will collaborate on a draft FAQ – do you guys want to lay out a tentative delivery date?

         Gavenraj Sodhi will draft Glossary of Term – Raj you want to lay out a tentative delivery date?

         Darran Rolls will draft an issues list from the F2F  brainstorming document – available before end of next week

         As and when these materials are reviewed they will be made available of the PSTC web site

         I will consult with Carol on a press release in light of the above and will ensure that this list have comment and review prior to release

         The next conference call is scheduled for October 18th at 12noon CDT, agenda and dial-in details to follow



Darran Rolls
Waveset Technologies
MSIM  drolls_waveset@hotmail.com
AIM    drollswaveset
YIM    drolls_waveset


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