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Subject: [provision] PSTC status update

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone on the list a belated happy thanks giving.  I hope that like me, you all ate too much turkey and apple pie and enjoyed what ever extended break you managed to pull off.  


On the initial November 12th conference call, we kicked things off and left ourselves the task of addressing the general *scope* issue, intending to move the charter discussion forward prior to the next scheduled conference call (November 26th -tomorrow).  As you may have noticed, the PSTC list has been very quiet over the holiday period.  Personally, I’ve been unable to fit the laptop on the lap (like a say too much turkey and apple pie ;-).   Now that things are back to normal, we need to re-ignite these discussion threads and get the wheels turning.  With this goal in mind, I will send out a couple of qualifying questions and suggestions in a separate mail.


We certainly will not be able to move towards ratifying the charter on tomorrow’s con-call.  There are however, a couple of items of official business we can usefully accomplish.  My guess is we only need a very short meeting tomorrow to achieve the following:


1) Attendance on the November 12th con-call was not reflective of registered participation in the TC.  Those that did attend will recall a discussion on participation and member involvement relative to attaining and maintaining quorum.  Those of you that did not attend the initial call, but do intend to actively (and constantly) participate in the PSTC, should attend the call tomorrow to forward your status towards full participation.


2) During the holiday down-time, a couple of interesting things have been suggested on the list. Cliff Schmidt from Microsoft has kindly offered to take on the role of coordinating editor - thanks Cliff.  This role will be vital as this process moves forward and we start to formulate the specification.  Also, Ken Yagen from Crosslogix has volunteered to be our liaison to the Access Control TC and help drive links and understanding with our colleges defining XACML.   We can make use of this meeting to A) formalize these appointments.  B) discuss what other working standards committees we need to liaise with (SAML others??)


I will draft a (short) proposed agenda in a follow-up message to the list.  If anyone has any other business, please forward it to me ASAP.


Darran Rolls
Waveset Technologies
MSIM  drolls_waveset@hotmail.com
AIM    drollswaveset
YIM    drolls_waveset


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