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Subject: Re: [provision] Scope of SPML -- Identities and Resources

It would be great if you could submit some Use Cases based on Jamcracker's experience.

On the subject of Use Cases, what Use Cases have been submitted to this TC so far? The only ones I know of are the XRPM use cases. Have any other ones been submitted, and if so, where can I get them?

Jeff Bohren

"Ranthidevan, Anand" wrote:

For the last 2 years, Jamcracker has been helping to create this new ASP marketplace.  At Jamcracker, we aggregate/resell/OEM Web Applications & Web Servcies from many diffrent providers.  Some of these services include Email, VPN, HRMS, CRM, SFA, etc.  And, of course, the *biggest* problem area has been Provisioning across various systems at various Providers.

We would like to contribute our lessons learnt over the last 2 years to helping make SPML a success.  From our experience, I think the scope of SPML should cover the following identities and resources:

IDENTITIES: As *who* requires to be added, modified, or deleted. This shouldn't be limited to just Users, as that's too narrow. The main ones we've come across and have implemented (albeit without the benefit of a standard) are:

RESOURCES: As *systems* on which the identity needs to be added, modified, or deleted. The scope of SPML should strive to cover the entire set of enterprise resources -- as all these fall under the provisioning ambit. These include, but are not limited to: To make this more concrete, I can go ahead and put together some general business scenarios and use cases.  Would that work for everyone?  Should I post them to this list?


[Anand Ranthidevan]
Product Manager - Jamcracker Platform

Jeff bohren
Product Architect
OpenNetwork Techologies
(727) 561-9500x219

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