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Subject: [provision] Notes on attendance and current committee status - Officalmeeting 12/17/2001??


This note discusses the following:

1) OASIS TC procedures for committee membership
2) Guidelines for participation in the PSTC
3) Current status and recommendation for official meeting 12/17/2001

Committee Membership
OASIS has very clear guidelines for TC chairs regarding committee rules,
meeting attendance and attendee status.  If this committee intends to
produce a OASIS standard, it's important that we are seen to stick to
it's governing rules.  With this in mind, I have summarized the relevant
language from the official OASIS process documentation and include this
below.  The full text is available here

* Every *valid member present at the first meeting of a TC shall be
initially a voting member of the TC (*DR_NOTE: valid by notification to
chair 15 prior to the first meeting)

* Prospective membership shall begin seven days after notice of intent
to participate is received by the chair. A prospective member may attend
face-to-face meetings as an observer. A prospective member may attend
phone meetings as an observer at the discretion of the chair.

* A prospective member of a TC shall become a voting member of the TC
immediately following the close of the third TC meeting held during the
period of prospective membership or after 60 days have elapsed following
formal application to join the *TC, whichever comes first. (*DR_NOTE: 60
days from the notification closing date of October 28th is December

* A member shall be warned by mail from the chair of the TC upon their
first failure to attend two out of every three successive meetings of
the TC. Membership shall be terminated if the member fails to attend the
next meeting following transmittal of the warning or if the member
consistently fails to attend two out of every three meetings.

Guidelines for participation
At today's meeting it was noted that there may be some confusion around
what constitutes involvement and participation in the efforts of this
TC. Here is my 2cents on the subject....

Involvement can mean many things, from active list participation through
to a voting committee presence or an elected committee position. As
chair, one of my goals is to maintain a working committee. Those who
have participated in democratic standards initiatives in the past, know
all to well the hurdles and pit-falls of such a system.  Establishing
and maintaining quorum can be a challenge.  With this in mind, I offer
the following (unofficial) recommendations:

1) Participate in the list with a passion ;-)
2) If you can consistently (2 from 3 consecutive) attend committee
conf-calls, be a voting participant and help make history (cheese)
3) If you can't regularly attend committee conf-calls list yourself as
an observer and have your views heard - you just can't vote on stuff.
4) There's lots to be done and we need as much help as we can get (call
to action)

Current Status & Recommendations

Today's Meeting
My analysis of the roll-call and general register made today's meeting
at/over quorum. This would have made the three meeting water-mark and
the promotion of lots of people to voting member status. However, based
on the initial assessment of quorum, we did not proceeded with an
official meeting.

I have included a copy of Gavenraj's Roll-call xls.  As you will see,
many of you would have been accorded voting status after the meeting.
On the basis that we did not hold an official meeting AND we have not as
yet hit the 60 day mark, this will roll-over to the next meeting (or
December 27th by date).

What does this mean?
1) Only 8 people are officially voting members today
2) 15 people are at the official "warning" phase re attendance.
Gavenraj will notify the offenders (ouch)
3) 12 people that would have made voting participation today didn't :-(

What do I recommend?
1) We have an official meeting (total of 10 minutes - roll-call and
adjourn) next Monday 17th.  The following members should look to attend
as it will directly affect their status.

Jeff Curie
Tony Gullotta
Gavenraj Sodhi
Tim Moses
Karl Gottschalk
Cliff Schmidt
Bill Burton 
Mike Grimm 
Duane Tharpe
Marc Chanliau
Jeff Bohren

2) We follow the adjournment with the proposed working meeting on scope
3) After the 17th meeting we hold an email vote to officially name the
PSTC framework

Darran Rolls                      http://www.waveset.com
Waveset Technologies Inc          drolls@waveset.com 
(512) 657 8360                    PGP  0x8AC67C6F   


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