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Subject: RE: [provision] Notes on attendance and current committee status -Offical meeting 12/17/2001??

We have not had this discussion on this list or TC meetings but I agree
with the possible issue.  I also agree that right now quorum may not be
an issue, just that we need to be mindful of it becoming one (for
example if yesterday was an official meeting we now have a membership of
20 and a requirement of 11 attending members for official business to

I therefore formally motion that the committee:

1) List yesterdays meeting as being "official" and suitably amend any
status that this affects
2) Make the proposed 12/17/2001 an unofficial working group discussion
3) Make the next official committee meeting 1/7/2002 at which point
we'll have the scope, charter and use cases <hopefully> nearer
completion </hopefully>.

Consider the above as a formal vote by acclamation.  Based on a passed
motion to accept votes by mail, that means if you disagree you have 5
days to notify the list (or me).

Sorry this has taken up so much list space, but it's important that we
set off on the right track...

Darran Rolls                      http://www.waveset.com
Waveset Technologies Inc          drolls@waveset.com 
(512) 657 8360                    PGP  0x8AC67C6F   

-----Original Message-----
From: Hal Lockhart [mailto:hal.lockhart@entegrity.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 8:53 AM
To: Darran Rolls; provision@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [provision] Notes on attendance and current committee
status - Offical meeting 12/17/2001??

> On the basis that we did not hold an official meeting AND we 
> have not as 
> yet hit the 60 day mark, this will roll-over to the next meeting (or 
> December 27th by date). 
I believe this is an incorrect interpretation. We discussed this
previously on some TC, I thought it was this one. Based on logic, I
believe (and succeeded in convincing others) that  for the purposes of
lapsed membership or achieving member status, attempts to hold an
official meeting, which fail for lack of quorum must count as
"meetings." The reason is that otherwise you could get stuck, unable to
acheive quorum or to get lapsed members off the books.
Except for this, I agree with the rest of Darran's message, except that
I don't think our quorum problem is that serious, as we apparently had
quorum and only a couple of people feel they would have been charter
members if they could have.

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