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Subject: [provision] In response to Bill Games' message on provisioning list


My comments essentially lie around the terminology used in the dictionary
terms you are proposing.  The idea around the glossary you are suggesting,
sounds more revolving around the likes of an ebXML transaction where you
have service providers (Sounds like ASP??) or business providers, billing
systems, a contracting system (electronic agreement such as in ebXML),
entity should not be limited to person as the provisioning may occur across
multiple organizations, across system where more than one person may be part
of the business case.

It just sounds too much as a ASP offering.  The terminology as stated in the
document Darran passed around yesterday, would work in either case, whether
managed or not.  I think we should identify terms are not defined well
enough or have been defined incorrectly.  I think the existing document of
terms would work but will need adjustments.


Gavenraj Sodhi 
Senior Technology Analyst 
Business Layers 
The eProvisioning Company(tm) 
P: (949) 388-0088 
F: (650) 316-3740 
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Thank you. 

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