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Subject: [provision] Austin F2F#1 Straw-man Agenda



Below is a straw-man agenda for next weeks meeting.  The general objective is to discuss develop and produce a body of technical requirements suitable to begin the analysis and development of the core protocol.  The general tone of the meeting is that of a guided open discussion.  The intention is to produce a large list of technical requirements, issues and comments for presentation back to the list and committee members. 


I have arranged for teleconference facilities in the room.  There will also be IP available for everyone that needs it.  Where applicable we can arrange Webex web conferencing for any remote members that want to connect and see any slides that might be available - I intend to have a summary presentation of the use cases and the Core Protocol Model overview – these would be suitable for “broadcast”. 


If you are not attending but would like to dial-in for any part of the agenda please let me know in advance.  Also, regardless of attendance, do feel free to suggest changes/amendments/additions – I’m doing the agenda because you are not ;-)



Monday 11th February 2002

9:00    Coffee

9:30    Call to order

9:35    Review agenda – agree meeting objectives

9:45    Proposed f2f dates through July

10:00  Use case reviews

12:30  Lunch

1:30    Use case next steps

2:00    Core protocol - model overview

3:00    Coffee break

3:15    Requirements for authentication & authorization

5:00    Adjourn

7:30    Local dinner for anyone interested


Tuesday 12th February 2002

8:30    Coffee

9:00    Call to order

9:05    Requirements for request/response message flows

10:30  Requirements for state & session management

11:30  Requirements for error handling and status reporting

12:30  Lunch

1:30    Requirements for dynamic schema discovery

2:30    Suggestions for sub-committees & next steps

3:00    Adjourn



Darran Rolls  
MSIM  drolls_waveset@hotmail.com
AIM    drollswaveset
YIM    drolls_waveset

PGP    0x8AC67C6F


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