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Subject: [provision] PSTC Meeting Minutes 4/16/2002

PSTC Conference Call, March 4th, 2002
12:00pm CST
Dial-in Number: 888-742-8686
Conference ID: 5250215

Minutes Taken By Darran Rolls

12:00	Order and role-call

Participating Active Members
Darran Rolls
Yoav Kirsch
Hal Lockhart
Tim Moses
Karl Gottschalk
Cliff Schmidt
Jeff Bohren
Rob Willson
Tony Gullotta
Mike Grimm
Mark Praseski (spelling - sorry Mark)

12:05 Vote to accept minutes of committee meeting 3/18/2002

12:10 Use Cases
- Proposed we endeavor to complete the use cases and requirements prior
to F2F#2
- Need to agree on F2F#2 dates
- No discussion on specific UC's during the meeting

12:15 IBM WSDL Question/proposal 
- Karl - Summarized these elements as provisioning related schemas API's
and services for service usage and billing
- HAL - Consider two questions:  1- Is basic usage and billing in scope
(suspects not) 2- Is WSDL itself in scope
- Cliff - Concerns that pulling this in scope may be biting off more
than we can chew
- Hal - Pushing out service and billing setup sounds in scope but record
formats etc does not
- Mark - Sounds like these elements are more traditional OSS/BSS format
- Rob - Need to decide between RPC and Document models for WSDL
- Darran - start discussion thread on WSDL style issue
- Consensus - Defining formats for billing & service usage out of scope
for PSTC.  If these efforts resulted in the formation of a separate TC
that care should be exercised with the term "provisioning" and direct
liaisons should be established with the PSTC.

12:45 F2F#2 Dates
- Gavenraj - we still have three possible dates for this event we need
to decide between then this week
- Darran - set decision deadline for close of business 4/18 - will mail
the list to this effect

13:00 Adjourn
Meeting adjourned to reconvene 4/19/2002 12pm CDT - same dial-in number

Darran Rolls                      http://www.waveset.com
Waveset Technologies Inc          drolls@waveset.com 
(512) 657 8360                    PGP  0x8AC67C6F   

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