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Subject: [provision] Face-2-Face Meeting Finalized

The Evite poll for F2F#2 dates closed somewhat inconclusively.  The May 14/15 date won out (just).  We will therefore be holding this meeting Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th in Irvine/Orange County. Business Layers is sponsoring the event and has proposed the Hilton Irvine/Orange County as the event.  Details of the location can be found in [1].


I’ll take a first pass at an agenda.  The main focus of the meeting will be to get (near) final draft status on the use cases and requirements and start to translate these into a working outline for the specification.


Please make your best effort to attend.  Just lately, our progress has slowed somewhat.  These events are a great opportunity to really move the effort forward. 


If you intend to attend, please let either myself or Gavenraj Sodhi know as soon as you do.





[1]      http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/provision/200204/msg00005.html



Darran Rolls  
MSIM  drolls_waveset@hotmail.com
AIM    drollswaveset
YIM    drolls_waveset


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