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Subject: [provision] RE: Updated Proposed Agenda for today's working groupmeeting

Title: Message



Dial-in Number: 888-742-8686

Conference ID: 5250215

Date: 02/23/2003

Time 10 AM CST


Proposed Agenda



1 - 10:05 Order collect attendee names




2 - 10:10 ExtendedRequest


Discuss issues raised by Rami - is this something we need to jump on another call before the F2F to work out


3 - 10:20 Issues, comments before Face-2-face


Construct a list of what needs to be defined before the F2F and confirm attendance in the F2F next week .

DR will send out an up to date draft of the spec document before the F2F. 

What else needs to be in place before that meeting?


4 - 10:30 Motion to Adjourn


To reconvene 02/11/2003 at F2F in Houston



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