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Subject: [provision] Latest schema drafts...

Attached are draft schemas for the F2F on Tue.


The core 04 schema incorporates suggested changes, includes SAML Subject Assertions as an identifier, and have the comments stripped out. There is are place holders for the extended requests, but ignore those.


The request 02 schema just has a couple of syntax fixes from the request 01 schema.


The extended proposal 01 includes the last compromise proposal in the form of an XSD, but without BMCs latest suggestions. We need to reconcile these at the F2F and then fold them into the core.



Jeff Bohren

Product Architect

OpenNetwork Technologies, Inc



Attachment: draft_pstc_schema_core_04.xsd
Description: draft_pstc_schema_core_04.xsd

Attachment: draft_pstc_schema_request_02.xsd
Description: draft_pstc_schema_request_02.xsd

Attachment: draft_pstc_schema_extended_proposal_01.xsd
Description: draft_pstc_schema_extended_proposal_01.xsd

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