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provision message

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Subject: [provision] SPML Request rev 07...

Attached is the rev 07 of the SPML Request/Response schema. This version fixes a namespace mistake on one of the elements that causes an XML Spy parsing problem.


The consistent set of schema should now be:


Core 09

Schema 03

Request 07


The core and schema schemas are attached as well. All should now parse in XML spy, but there could still be semantic errors that have not been caught.


Jeff Bohren

Product Architect

OpenNetwork Technologies, Inc



Attachment: draft_pstc_schema_request_07.xsd
Description: draft_pstc_schema_request_07.xsd

Attachment: draft_pstc_schema_schema_03.xsd
Description: draft_pstc_schema_schema_03.xsd

Attachment: draft_pstc_schema_core_09.xsd
Description: draft_pstc_schema_core_09.xsd

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