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Subject: [provision] BatchRequest/Response envelope and batch ID

Title: BatchRequest/Response envelope and batch ID

I wanted to raise the question I was asking at the last face2face again. Leaving DSML aside for a moment, why does SMPL need to express all operations in batches?

Correct me if I'm wrong , but for a RA, it looks to me that it will most likely submit single requests for a service. And later when it tries to check on status, I believe it will do this more frequently on a single object, using the PSO-ID, and not a batch ID.

Some systems might want to-do "true batches" and address those by an ID. But even for that, SPML is missing currently the functionality to query on a status of a single service (that was part of a batch). This all most likely complicates the RA, I think. It needs to manage Batch-IDs and PSO-IDs. Batch-IDs are more temporary, but PSO-IDs stay until the service is de-provisioned.

Wouldn't it be better to have some sort of functionality to use the PSO-ID in batch status/cancel?
Or more general, shouldn't SPML allow to hide the batchRequest/batchResponse and allow anchoring everything on the PSO-ID (so the batch envelope could be completely ignored)?

Best Regards,

Matthias Leibmann
Program Manager
Microsoft Metadirectory Services

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