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Subject: RE: [provision] Simple example scenario

I was hoping to take on something a little more substantive but go deep
rather than wide.  In other words, rather than illustrate the use of each
of the operations, I'd like to go through the steps and data formats that
you would realistically expect to see used to describe a target (or set of
targets) and provision it, including the SOAP messages if you think that's
appropriate.  I don't want to burden you with a lot of work or anything, I
just want to show what each would look like soup to nuts, so to speak.

I realise that this kind of thing takes time.  If you feel it should be
less detailed then let's simplify it but I'd rather not make it too simple.
The important aspects to me are:
- The use of schema since that's one of the hotspots in our conversation.
Obviously there are elements in this scenario that work in my favour
including cardinality, enumerations, formatted strings and complex types
but since those come up in real life I think that's fair.
- The overall message passing sequence and content.  It's not clear to me
which approach would be more chatty or more verbose in a real life
situation.  Also, this might clarify some of the implementation
difficulties since we were debating the level of complexity for an
- The composite or aggregate abilities of each solution.

Would adding an e-mail service to the phone account be enough do you think?

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We use the hosted email service example throughout the spec document, so it
would be a good idea to work that into the scenario. Perhaps it can be an
email service that is accessable from the handset.

Jeff Bohren

             -----Original Message-----
             From: Gearard Woods [mailto:gewoods@us.ibm.com]
             Sent: Mon 3/3/2003 5:09 PM
             To: provision@lists.oasis-open.org
             Subject: [provision] Simple example scenario

             Further to our discussion in the conference call today, I'd
like to suggest
             the following scenario as a starting point for a comparitive
study of the
             current SPML and the alternative approach that we have been
debating.  Any
             changes, improvements or comments are, of course, welcome.

             Tiny Telecom provides mobile phone services to California
residents.  In
             addition to the five types of basic account that Tiny offers:
             personal anytime, family, corporate, and prepaid, subscribers
are offered a
             full range of options which are generally handled by Tiny's
partners or
             subsidiaries.  These options include voice mail, caller ID,
             forwarding, text messaging, web access, long-distance, handset
options, and
             a comprehensive friends and family calling plan.  To create a
             account, Tiny requires the subscriber's full name, a user
name, a credit
             card number (and expiration), and a valid California driver's
             number.  Subscribers may also provide an e-mail address for
notification of
             changes in the account policy or for opt-in notification of
special offers
             from partners.  Basic plans have a two year term and for a
limited time all
             new accounts receive free caller ID as part of a promotion by
one of Tiny's

             The friends and family plan is one of the most popular options
and allows
             subscribers to select a set of 10 contacts that may be called
at a
             significant discount.  To identify these contacts, subscribers
are required
             to provide their names and phone numbers.

             Tiny has implemented a provisioning service that manages their
             accounts and also allows partner services to be provisioned.
A typical
             usage scenario for the service is the implementation of the
             facility on Tiny's website.  This facility is implemented as a
Java servlet
             that is a client of the provisioning service and goes through
the following
             sequence of operations:
             1. Offer the user a selection of provisionable services
offered by Tiny and
             2. Query the schema of the services requested
             3. Present a form allowing the user to enter the required and
             4. Submit the provisioning request for the services
             5. Notify the user of the success or failure of the request

             For the purposes of this scenario, assume that the subscriber
             voice mail, text messaging, and lists two family members in
the friends and
             family plan.  The user also selects the default handset which
they will
             receive by mail.  When the account is activated, a password is
             automatically assigned to access voice mail.  Before the phone
is received
             by the user, they return to the self-service website to check
the status of
             the request.  The self-service facility allows the user to
retrieve details
             of the account which now reflects the fact that an account has
             activated, provides access to the voicemail password, and
notifies the user
             that the request for text messaging has been denied for
technical reasons.

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To subscribe or unsubscribe from this elist use the subscription
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To subscribe or unsubscribe from this elist use the subscription
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