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Subject: [provision] JMS provisioning (nothing about the GW Proposal)...

In a refreshing change from my previous posts, this one has nothing to do with the GW Proposal.


I ran across this article in JavaWorld this morning. It is a description of an XML/JMS based provisioning framework. Obviously this implementation is very simplistic, but it points out a powerful idea.




Our currently proposed bindings are SOAP/HTTP and File. After we release the 1.0 spec, I think the next version should include a SOAP/JMS Binding. Or perhaps a plain old SPML/JMS Binding, but obviously that is not very trendy. I think the asynchronous request model we have in place would work well in such a system, but there may need to be more tweaks required.


I’m not raising an issue, just food for thought.



Jeff Bohren

Product Architect

OpenNetwork Technologies, Inc



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