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Subject: Comments on core 0.9, part 2

Here are some more comments on Core 0.9:


Note that the title page and page footers still refer to version 0.8.


On 792, in the schema example, the schema tag should be “schema”, not “Schema”. This should be changed globally.


On 834, interoipUser should be interopUser.


On 835, in the standard schema example we should add an attribute that is not used in the object class and then use that attribute in the example on 836.


On 839, the AttributeDefinition tag should be attributeDefinition.


On 841, should remove the xsd:any and xsd:anyAttribute for clarity. The Open Content model support is not part of the core specification. It would be useful to strip out the Open Content model elements and redo the XSD schema pictures so they don’t show up there either.


On 869, “specific service instance” should be “specific object instance” or “specific service object instance”.


On 899, in the example the request ID of “” is not compliant. Since the request ID is now an xsd:ID type, it must start with an alphabetic character. Alphanumerics are allowed after the first character. Same comment on 901.


On 915, need the xsd: namespace qualifiers.


On 930, should remove the xsd:any and xsd:anyAttribute for clarity.


On 963, the object class attribute is required for all service that support more than one object class.


In section 13, somehow the section numbering is off. Also we should make some mention in this section about how the Open Content model could be used with other standards such as XML DSig and XML Encryption to address some of these threat models.



Jeff Bohren

Product Architect

OpenNetwork Technologies, Inc



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