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Subject: Comments for SPML Specification and Binding Drafts

Hi, mostly minor typos


- listed as draft 0.13 when it should be 0.14

- the use of the spml: prefix is not consistent.  Some of the samples have
the prefix and some do not.  Some use the prefix but not consistently, e.g.,
the sample on pg30 prefixes all elements within batchRequest but not on the
<batchRequest> element itself.


- pg4 has the line 'An SPML client MAY specify a requests as synchronous or
asynchronous', should be 'An SPML client MAY specify requests as synchronous
or asynchronous'

- says it has a status of undergoing vote whereas the core does not

- there are inconsistencies between the docs, for example the bindings doc
refers to the old SPML:1:0:core/req#... enumerators as opposed to the core
doc which refers to SPML:1:0#... enumerators.

- has occurrences of SPML:1.0 versus the correct? SPML:1:0.  

- the list of valid request/response pairs for the File Binding in the
bindings doc does not include 'status' and 'cancel'.

Paul Madsen
e:  p.madsen@entrust.com <mailto:p.madsen@entrust.com> 
p:  613-270-2632
Securing Digital Identities 
& Information

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