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Subject: [SPML] Location of Next F2F



As time closes in to our next SPML F2F, I wanted to get a better number of how many TC members are going to be attending the Burton Group conference in San Diego (July 21-23).  Please email me if you will be attending.  Depending on the number of folks present, we could either have a F2F at the Burton Group conference or have one at the BMC HQ in Houston, Texas.  Thanks to BMC in advance for volunteering to host the next F2F.


Either way, I need to hear back from everyone on their preference(s) so that we may determine the location and exact timeframe for the next SPML F2F, ASAP.






Gavenraj Sodhi, MBA

Computer Associates

Product Manager, eTrust

Mobile:  +1 949 350 8808



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