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Subject: Groups - SPML V2 Working group Call added

SPML V2 Working group Call has been added by Darran Rolls (Darran.Rolls@sun.com).

Date:  Tuesday, 10 August 2004
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm Eastern Time

Event Description:
Bi-weekly working group call - RELATIONSHIPS

Dial In Number (866) 545-5223
International (865) 673-9887
Access Code: 5272389

1) Should relationship operations re-use/extend core verbs?
   Jeff Bohren has proposed the following:
   - spmlcontain:add (since add may require containment).
   - spmlref:add (desirable to minimize SPML calls).
   - use spml:modify to add/replace/remove connections.
   - use spml:modify to update complex connection info.
   - use search to query by reference relationship.

   pro: keeps protocol simple (adds fewer verbs).
   con: makes protocol confusing (overloading; bad pattern).
   pro: containment sometimes required as part of create.
   pro: references desirable as part of create (fewer calls).

2) Represent each complex connection as a PSO?
   pro: keeps protocol simple (adds fewer verbs).
   con: scalability burden on provider (ID namespace).
   con: scales worse than native resource (e.g., RACF).
   rebuttal: complex connections are rare.
             Since most connection types are simple,
             benefit of simplicity outweighs burden of scale.

3) Does target declare capabilities globally or per PSO type?
   Gary thought "globally"; Jeff Bohren says it could be either.
   Does this make sense for other capabilities
   (beyond containment and reference relationships)?

4) Modifications - need to flesh out more fully.

5) Search - need to specify syntax more fully.


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