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Subject: Containment Use Case.

Jeff's right that the containment use case is very general when you 
think in terms of a hierarchical directory structure.  I'll try to make 
this more specific.

Organizations consist of hiearchically nested OUs.  Each user is bound 
beneath an OU.  Let's follow the lifecycle of an individual user--call 
him "JoeBob".

1) Mega Corporation hires JoeBob to work as a developer.
    Provisioning Subtext: Mega Corporation represents JoeBob as a
    directory object that is bound beneath the "Development" OU.
        AddChild(OU:Development, User:JoeBob);

2) Joe Bob gets personal computers--desktop and laptop--
    and accounts on the departmental DevServer system.
    Provisioning Subtext: Mega corporation represents each of these
    as some type of directory object bound beneath JoeBob's User object.
        AddChild(User:JoeBob, Desktop:JoeBob);
        AddChild(User:JoeBob, Laptop:JoeBob);
        AddChild(User:JoeBob, Account:JoeBob@DevServer);

3) JoeBob moves to Technical Marketing.
    Provisioning Subtext: MegaCorporation moves the directory object
    that represents JoeBob to a new OU.  Mega Corporation policy says
    that Technical Marketing reps don't need desktop systems. 
    Once JoeBob has copied off his data, IT takes away his desktop.
    The development manager deletes (or disables) JoeBob's account
    on the development server.
        SetParent(User:JoeBob, OU:TechnicalMarketing);
        DeleteChild(User:JoeBob, Desktop:JoeBob);
        DeleteChild(User:JoeBob, Account:JoeBob@DevServer);

        NOTE:  The setParent operation also moves any object that is
        bound beneath User:JoeBob.  Therefore, IT must removes
        his desktop as a separate operation.  The Development manager
        also removes his account on the development server separately.

4) Joe Bob gets paid.
    Provisioning Subtext: As part of corporate accounting, Mega Corporation
    charges JoeBob's salary and benefits against the Development department.
    Once he moves to Technical Marketing, his salary and benefits are 
    against the new department.

5) Joe Bob leaves Mega Corporation.
    Provisioning Subtext:  As part of the exit process, Joe Bob must 
return all
    Corporate resources.  During the interview, an HR person checks to 
make sure
    that all of Joe Bob's computers have been returned and all of his 
    system accounts have been deleted (or disabled).  Reluctantly, Joe Bob
    surrenders his laptop system (after discreetly deleting certain files).
       deleteChild(User:JoeBob, Laptop:JoeBob);
       deleteChild(OU:TechnicalMarketing, User:JoeBob);

NOTE: Containment operations do not address aspects of behavior beyond 
their specification.
- Containment does not address inheritance.
- Containment does not affect reference relationships.
- Containment does not model any effect of policy that may be specified 
in terms of containment.

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