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Subject: Re: [provision] Relationship use cases starter


Accept my apologies for not getting the correlated use case doc out to 
you before the weekend.  That was my AI from last weeks meeting.  I've 
only just completed my machine recovery and general conversion of to an 
all Linux operating environment.  Yes everything is now working.  No,  I 
will not be sending out StarOffice docs as the new PSTC doc format (but 
maybe more use of pdf :-)

That said, I do feel a bit like I've had a total lobotomy, so i may be a 
little slowing catching back up.  I'll have the correlation of case and 
those cases from Doran and Gary, merged into a single doc before the end 
of the day Monday so we can cover them Tuesday.

(proud new desktop dude)

Gearard Woods wrote:

> I've attached a document that I hope will expand to address all of 
> Gary's use cases. I've only had time to look at the add use case but I 
> wanted to at least get something out. Searches involving relationships 
> might be the best to tackle next. The use cases in this document 
> includes a lot of implementation detail but it seemed best to have it 
> all in one document. Let me know if the information is accurate or if 
> there are any other problems.
> Gerry
> /(See attached file: containment use cases1.doc)/
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