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Subject: Re: TargetId as an attribute.

Draft 16 does not address issue #67 (Make "targetID" an attribute) in 
- IdentifierType still remains.  (Don't need this if targetId is an 
- PSOIdentifierType still extends IdentifierType (rather than 
- PSOIdentifierType has an additional attribute "containerID". (Should 
be "objectID".)
- SchemaEntityRefType still lacks "targetId" (which is also issue#65).
- TargetType has "targetID" as an *optional* attribute (should be required).
- AddRequestType has a choice of three elements. (Should having one 
required attribute and one optional attribute. Even if you like 
elements, we don't need a choice of three.)
- SearchQueryType still has "basePSOId" and "baseContainerID" as a 
choice of elements.  (Should have one required attribute "targetID" and 
one optional attribute "baseContainerId".)

Draft 6 of the core spec illustrated the proposed changes through 
additions and strikethroughs in the XML snippets.  An earlier email (see 
below) also itemized the proposed changes.

Gary P Cole wrote:

> I don't know whether you saw what I did in Draft 6 (nor whether that 
> would even be helpful to you as a cross-check), but I did the following:
> Core
> - Removed IdentifierType.
> - Changed PSOIdentifierType to extend ExtensibleType (rather than 
> IdentifierType).
> - Changed PSOIdentifierType to require two attributes: targetId and 
> objectId.
> - Changed SchemaEntityRefType, replacing element targetID with 
> optional attribute targetId.
> - Changed TargetType, replacing element targetID with required 
> attribute targetId.
> - Changed AddRequestType, replacing the choice of elements containerId 
> and targetId with a required attribute targetId and an optional 
> attribute containerId.
> Search
> - Changed SearchQueryType, replacing the choice of elements basePSOId 
> and baseTargetID with required attribute baseTargetId and optional 
> attribute baseContainerId.

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