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provision message

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Subject: IdentifierType (was"Re: [provision] Some comments on Draft 6 of the spec").

Bohren, Jeffrey wrote:

>Line 559: the IdentifierType is used to identify targets, but is not limited
>to targets. To date only targets are identified using an element of type
>IdentifierType, but that may well change in the future. The type
>IdentifierType should be considered a generic type for which
>PSOIdentifierType is a specialization.
I think this is just one detail in our disagreement about how far to go 
in making targetID an attribute.  The side-by-side examples will 
illustrate both approaches.  I'll update the spec to reflect whichever 
targetID approach we choose.

ps. If it would help, I can send some side-by-side examples directly to 
you.  I still have the before and after versions of the spec examples.

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