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Subject: Re: [provision] Spec issue #39: Iterator lifecycle management

Raepple, Martin wrote:

>The new "Resource Consideration" topic in draft 9 looks very good. 
Thanks.  I took some liberties with the draft you sent (and it was hard 
for me to write), so I'll be glad to change this section.

>Regarding a new <closeIteratorRequest>, I think it makes sense to give
>the RA at least a chance to support the provider in managing its
>resources. Looking at related APIs (e.g. for database connection
>management, memory allocation etc.) we find the same concepts. If the
>client misses to call a close/free/... function, the resources will
>(hopefully!) be released somehow by the server or operating system.
>Nevertheless, having at least some well-behaved clients using the new
>operation properly will definitely help to optimize the way resources
>are managed by the provider.
I'll record this as spec issue #55 (so we can track it).

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