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Subject: RE: [provision] Draft 22 of the SPML 2.0 XSDs...

The error code ErrorCode#'requestAborted' is intended to be generic. The
originally suggested error code 'insufficientResources' is too specific and
may not represent the actual error condition. For instance when a PSP is
streaming back search results the search may be aborted by the underlying
target. For example if the PSP is doing a long search on a backend LDAP
server of RDBMS, the search could abort for a variety of reasons, none of
which have anything to do with the PSP resources.

Further it could be argued that the client has no reason to be concerned
about the availability of resources on the PSP. 

I am open to other suggested names, but 'insufficientResources' seems
unreasonable to me.

Jeff Bohren

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From: Gary P Cole [mailto:Gary.P.Cole@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 4:53 PM
To: Bohren, Jeffrey
Cc: provision@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [provision] Draft 22 of the SPML 2.0 XSDs...


ErrorCode#'requestAborted' should be changed to 'insufficientResources'.
(Value 'requestAborted' is too generic--could apply to virtually any 
request failure.)

Element <data> in PSOType must be optional (minOccurs=0)
(This avoids empty <data> elements when returnData='identifier'.)


Element "iterator" in CloseIteratorRequestType does not need 
"minOccurs=1 maxOccurs=1"
(since this is the default cardinality).

Top-level element "closeIteratorResponse" should be type='spml:ResponseType
(rather than type="spmlsearch:SearchResponseType"). 
A closeIteratorResponse should contain neither an <iterator> nor <pso> 

Bohren, Jeffrey wrote:

> Draft 22 of the SPML 2.0 XSDs is attached.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *Jeff Bohren*
> 13577 Feather Sound Drive, Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33762
> tel: 727.561.9500 x219
> fax: 727.374.0171
> Jeffrey_Bohren@bmc.com <mailto:Jeffrey_Bohren@bmc.com>
> www.bmc.com <http://www.bmc.com/>

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