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Subject: Spec and XSD issues.

Bohren, Jeffrey wrote:

> 4)       SPML 2.0 Spec Draft 10 and issues [3]
> 5)   SPML 2.0 XSDs Draft 24 and issues
I've attached the issues I'm currently tracking for the spec and XSDs.
(1-93 CLOSED.)

94. Add "profile" to <listTargetsRequest> and to each <target>.
20050513 - AGREED on list: "Provider may need to know requestor's profile."
20050614 - DEFER.  Jeff Bohren wants time to think about it.

(95-97 CLOSED.)

98. (Default cardinality) bulk:BulkModifyRequestType#modification minOccurs=1
99. (Default cardinality) core:ModifyRequestType#modification minOccurs=1

100. (Default cardinality) core:ModificationType#component maxOccurs=1
101. (Default cardinality) core:ModificationType#data maxOccurs=1
102. (Default cardinality) core:ModifyResponseType#pso maxOccurs=1
103. (Default cardinality) core:TargetType#capabilities maxOccurs=1
104. (Default cardinality) search:SearchResponseType#iterator maxOccurs=1
105. (Default cardinality) updates:UpdatesRequestType#query maxOccurs=1 

(106 CLOSED.)

107. (Spec issue #53) Remove ResultsIterator#count and #totalCount.  Add ErrorCode#insufficientResources.
Draft 22 - Removed #count and #totalCount.  Added ErrorCode#requestAborted.
20050615 - Sent follow-up to list: "ErrorCode#insufficientResources."
|1-5 CLOSED.

6. Update "Security and privacy considerations".
20050215 - Darran says that we should update this.  Wants a volunteer.
20050222 - Hal Lockhart volunteered to update this. Keep this in the spec.
20050329 - Hal thinks he can do this during this week.
20050607 - Hal thinks he can do this next day or two.

7. Appendix I (throughout): Document references need validation and update.
20050329 - Raj volunteered during the con-call to do this.
20050510 - Hal: Beware normative references to non-std docs.

8. Appendix L: Glossary.  Definitions need review and update.
20050222 - Point to a separate document for Glossary.
20050329 - Raj volunteered during the con-call to do this.

|9-44 CLOSED.

45. ( Modifying capability data may require capability-specific mechanism.
20050614 - Modifying a subset of capabilityData may require capability-specific mechanism.
20050615 - Each item should be wrapped in a separate <capabilityData> element.
20050620 - (d10) Wrapped each <reference> in a separate <capabilityData> element.

|46-52 CLOSED.

53. ( The count should be the number of entries that the next iterate request will return, 
where the total count should be to total number of entries. 
20050606 - DISAGREE. Sent email to Jeff Bohren: "Iterator, count and totalCount".
20050607 - Decided during con-call to discuss this issue on the list.
20050607 - Jeff Bohren and I agreed offline to propose scrapping count and totalCount.
20050607 - Sent email (with proposals) to list: "Iterator, count and totalCount".
20050614 - AGREED during con-call to accept proposal on list.
Draft 22 - Removed iterator #count and #totalCount.  Added ErrorCode#requestAborted.
20050615 - Followed up with email to list: "ErrorCode#insufficientResources".
20050620 - (d10) Draft 10 assumes ErrorCode#insufficientResources for now.

|54-57 CLOSED. 

58. Provider may need to know requestor's profile.
20050513 - Sent email: "Provider may need to know requestor's profile".
20050513 - Jeff Bohren agreed (in a reply to the list).
20050608 - Reminded Jeff Bohren (in another email) that we forgot about this.
20050614 - DEFER.  Jeff Bohren wants time to think about it.

59. Integrate Martin Raepple's closeIterator draft.

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