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Subject: Administrator Reconciliation Use Case.

> Administrator Reconciliation Use Case
> ----------------------------------------
> A user will be locally added to the application.
> The Administrator will then invoke a reconciliation of the application.
> The recently added user will be discovered via the reconciliation.

I don't understand the Administrator Reconciliation Use Case.

Sun's IDM has something it calls "reconciliation", but that involves 
comparing the accounts that IDM *expects* to find on a resource with 
what it *actually* finds on a resource.
In this case, if we're using the PSP as the 'application', a 
locally-added user would be expected.

When you say "reconciliation", do you mean some kind of search (e.g., 
for recently-added accounts)?  If it's a search for unexpected accounts, 
where does the set of expected accounts come from?

Also, how would a requestor add a user to the application (but not the 
PSP) without going through the PSP?  If the provider is supposed to add 
a user to the application locally, how will the provider know when to do 
this (if not in response to some request from the requestor)?

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