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Subject: Domain Model for Identity Management (Standard Schema ERD).

Jeff Bohren asked me to provide an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) for 
the entities we've been discussing as part of the standard schema for 
SPML.  I'm really glad that he did, because re-thinking those entities 
and relationships was a good exercise. I found that I went further than 
before, and I'm very interested to see whether we agree (and the extent 
to which we can agree) on this domain model.

Most of this domain model is the same as it was before, although it is 
perhaps clearer when properly articulated as an ERD with ordinality, 
cardinality, direction and so forth. Person and Account are the same; 
Group, Organization and Role are the same.  The area that is new has to 
do with Role and Type-of-Account.  A Role may imply any number of types 
of account for a host.  Each type of account may confer privileges on 
that host.

I'm afraid that I may miss today's meeting.  (Unfortunately, I have a 
conflict.)  However, I'd be very excited to take questions and comments 
on the list.  Once everyone's had a chance to read it, we can decide 
whether to discuss it during the next call.   (If everyone hates it, we 
can decide whether to back up and revert to the areas previously 
defined.  If everyone basically likes it, we can discuss details like 
the specifics of entities, relationships, attributes and names.)

I've attached a draft of the document (with everything removed except 
the domain model sections).  This is an OpenOffice 2.0 document, which 
may be weird for some people, so I've also attached it as a PDF.  
Hopefully one format or the other will work for everyone.




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