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Subject: OpenSPML 2.0 Toolkit

Hi all,

The OpenSPML.org project has an early version of the toolkit for SPML
2.0 available to the subcribers on this list.  The codebase is under the

There's more to come, but this should be useful for the Interop;
we have Java wrappers for all of the core and standard capabilities;
plus the DSML profile.

It's not publicly announced on the site, but we do have a compressed
tar of today's build at:


I'd love to get feedback asap... so don't hesitate to email and I'll 
forward this along to all of the contributors.

Tripod Technologies Group and SAP have contributed to this
effort - many thanks to them.

If you'd like to contribute, I can send the Contributors Agreement and 
get things rolling there.


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