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Subject: Updated OpenSPML 2.0 Toolkit

Hi all,

As you know, The OpenSPML.org project has an early version of the 
toolkit for SPML 2.0 available to the subscribers of this list.

Here's some more of the "more to come":

We recently added an implementation of OpenContentElement called 
OperationalNameValuePair (NVP) that can be used to send and receive 
out-of-band data with Requests and Responses.  This allows you to send, 
for example, authentication tokens, from server to client and back.

Today's bundle fixes a little bug that unnecessarily wrapped this in an 
adapter. Removing that issue makes these NVPs easier to use.*

The new code and jars are available at:



* There's also a indentation fix for the Open Content Elements when 
marshalled to XML.

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