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Subject: Comments on pstc-spml2-saml-profile-os-draft2.doc


Some misc comment about pstc-spml2-saml-profile-os-draft2.doc:


Line 7 - document name should match the file name


Line 11 - change the Editor to Richard Sand


Line 13 – remove the contributors. We can create a new list later.


Line 131 – We don’t need to add an attribute to indicate the SAML Name ID Type. There is a Format attribute on the saml:NameIdentifier element. Also I would not recommend calling out the allowable SAML Name ID types. There is no reason to restrict it to a specific set.


Line 196 – I have a proposal for this that I will post to the list.


Line 249 – The options are add, replace, and delete. Add will add the values to the named attribute. Replace will replace the values with the specified values. Delete will remove the specified values (if they exist). Delete with no values means clear all values. I think this covers all the needed requirements.




Jeff Bohren

13577 Feather Sound Drive, Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33762

tel: 727.561.9500 x35719





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