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Subject: PS TC F2F in Oct...

We have made plans to have a PS TC F2F in Oct. We are planning on Oct 25-26 (Wed-Thu) in Philadelphia. Tripod Technology Group Inc is hosting and will send out hotel information. Current agenda items include:


SPML 2.0 Errata

            Resolve errata issues

            Discuss process for publishing errata


Federated Provisioning

Review latest draft of the SAML 2.0 Profile for SPML 2.0

            Discuss other federated provisioning issues


Standard Schema

            Review latest draft of the Standard Schema

            Presentation by SAP of the SAP Schema


WSN/SPML Discussion


SPML 2.0 Implementations and Usage


            BMC SPML 2.0 Presentation

            OpenSPML Presentation



If you can attend please send me or Alex Wang an email.



Jeff Bohren

13577 Feather Sound Drive, Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33762

tel: 727.561.9500 x35719





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